Our Fellows

The Institute is led by Kevin A. Sabet, PhD, a drug policy practitioner who has served in The White House under Presidents Clinton and Bush, and most Kevin Sabet, PhDrecently as Senior Drug Policy Advisor for President Obama’s drug czar. Dr. Sabet is a doctorate in public policy analysis from Oxford University (Marshall Scholar) with an emphasis on drug policy, drug prevention, drug enforcement, and legalization. He has published widely in peer-reviewed journals and books. He is a frequent contributor to editorial pages and the television news media, including the Washington Post, New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, MSNBC, CNN, CNBC, Al Jazeera, the BBC, and many more. His recent New York Times and Los Angeles Times op-eds have earned him a  “Five Best Columns” distinction from The Atlantic.  He is also currently serving as one of five Americans on the Hemispheric expert panel charged to draft the “Report on Drug Policy for the Summit of the Americas,” organized by the Organization of American States.

The Institute’s Senior Fellows include Scott Teitelbaum, MD, Assistant Professor Lisa Merlo-Greene, PhD, MPE, and Professor Linda Cottler, PhD, MPH.

Non-resident Senior Fellows include a slew of researchers and practitioners, including Carnegie Mellon’s Jonathan Caulkins, Pepperdine University’s Angela Hawken, Treatment Research Institute’s Tom McLellan, Global Recovery Institute’s Christopher Kennedy Lawford, and Harvard University’s Viridiana Rios, a New York Times contributor on Mexican drug policy issues.


Dr. Kevin A. Sabet

Courtesy Faculty, Department of Psychiatry, College of Medicine

David F. Musto Drug Policy Fellow


Senior Fellows

Dr. Scott Teitelbaum

Department Vice Chair and Clinical Chief of the Addiction Medicine Division

Dr. Linda Cottler

Chair, Department of Epidemiology, College of Medicine and College of Public Health and Health Professions

Dr. Lisa Merlo-Greene

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Chief, Undergraduate Education

Non-Resident Senior Fellows

Dr. Jonathan Caulkins

H. Guyford Stever Professorship of Operations Research and Public Policy, Carnegie Mellon University

Dr. Robert L. DuPont

Former White House Senior Advisor to the President & Founding Director, National Institute on Drug Abuse

Dr. Angela Hawken

Professor, Pepperdine University

Melody Heaps

President Emeritus, Treatment Alternatives for Safer Communities (TASC)

Dr. Keith Humphreys

Professor, Stanford University

Dr. Herb Kleber

Former White House Deputy Drug Czar and Professor, Columbia University

Christopher Kennedy Lawford

Founder and CEO, Global Recovery Initiative

Dr. Tom McLellan

Former White House Deputy Drug Czar and President, Treatment Research Institute (TRI)

Jim McDonough

Former Florida Drug Czar

Dr. Maria Elena Medina-Mora

Director, Division of Epidemiology and Psychosocial Research, National Institute of Psychiatry, Mexico City, Mexico

Viridiana Rios

Harvard University

Darryl Rouson

Ranking Member, Florida State Legislature

Dr. Stacy Salomonsen-Sautel

Drug Policy Researcher

Dr. Giovanni Serpelloni

Former Director, Department of Anti-Drug Policies, Italy

Dr. Elisabetta Simeoni

Scientific Director, Department of Anti-Drug Policies, Italy

Steven Talpins, J.D.

President, National Partnership of Alcohol Misuse and Crime

Susan Thau

Public Policy Consultant

Dr. Christian Thurstone

President, Colorado Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Society

Jeffrey Zinsmeister

Former Head, Demand Reduction, Embassy of the US in Mexico

Junior Fellows

Theodore L. Caputi (Benjamin Franklin Scholar, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania)

Erin Holmes, MA

Ben Cort

Mari Cohen, MPH

Brad Nelson