Policy Issues and Briefs

DPI will engage in the following activities:

  • An on-line course on the “The American Disease – The Origins of Narcotics Control”

  • An Annual Drugs, Alcohol, and Policy Conference

  • Collaborations with internationally-recognized drug policy organizations like the United Nations, ONDCP, INL, State Department, the Clinton Foundation, the Global Recovery Institute, the DEA Educational Foundation, and various universities.

  • Development of one page policy papers for Florida and National Lawmakers

  • Regular briefings in Tallahassee and Washington, D.C. on matters of drug policy importance

  • Collaborations with UF faculty on studies and projects

  • The Challenge of “Designer Drug Abuse” in Florida: Designer Primer 4-10

  • Marijuana for Medical Purposes: Compassion or Smokescreen?: MMJ Primer 4-10

  •  Florida’s PDMP: An Early Success Story of Tackling Florida’s Prescription Drug Abuse Epidemic: PDMP Primer 4-10

  •  Smarter Not Softer: Managing Drug-Related Offenders: Smart Justice-Final4-10

  • UF brief on the MMJ-Rx connection – “Do Medical Marijuana Programs Really Reduce Prescription Opiate Deaths?” by Stacy Salomensen-Sautel and Kevin Sabet:

  • UF brief, “Marijuana Legalization in Mexico: Just Another Gringo Import?” by Jeffrey Zinsmeister UF-Zins-Final

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