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UF McKnight Brain Institute

The UF Drug Policy Institute (DPI)

Published: Dec 1st, 2014

The UF Drug Policy Institute (DPI) serves the state of Florida, the Nation, and the global community in delivering evidence-based, policy-relevant, information to policymakers, practitioners, scholars, and the community to […]

Drug Policy Symposium held at the Addiction Health Summit 2014

Published: Mar 1st, 2014

The Florida chapter of the American Society of Addiction Medicine (FSAM) and Florida Medical Professionals Group (FMPG) welcomed UF Health, the UF Drug Policy Institute and the Florida Alcohol and […]

Legalized pot would mean more addiction

Published: Oct 2nd, 2013

“The war on drugs has failed” is a mantra often heard in policy and media circles these days. But not only is the phrase outdated (the 1980s called — they […]

State and Federal Marijuana Laws

Published: Sep 16th, 2013

Witnesses, including UF’s Dr. Kevin Sabet, testified about conflicts between state and federal law regarding the use, sale and distribution of marijuana, particularly for medicinal purposes.

Senate panel clears the air on marijuana laws

Published: Sep 11th, 2013

Dr. Kevin Sabet, Assistant Professor at UF and Founder of Project SAM weighs in on marijuana policy at a Senate Panel

Legalize pot? No, reform laws

Published: Nov 27th, 2012

By Kevin A. Sabet, PhD, Special to CNN Kevin Sabet, PhD served as a senior drug policy adviser in the Obama administration. He is an assistant professor and director of […]